Batavia Debate Regarding Use Of Beacons At Crosswalks

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Pedestrian accidents are of significant concern due to the increasing number of such accidents, as well as the extent of injuries – many fatal – that typically occur when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian.

One of the more recent safety measures enacted at certain crosswalks is the addition of flashing “beacons.”  These are supposed to further highlight the crosswalk and in many cases can be activated by the pedestrian.

Some believe that flashing beacons – and perhaps crosswalks for that matter – may provide pedestrians a “false sense of security.”  This issue has been raised in a recent debate in Batavia regarding three “flashing light” beacon crosswalks along Batavia Avenue (Route 31) at the McKee, Union and Morton cross streets.  The debate is further discussed in the July 19, 2017 Kane County Chronicle article titled “Batavia weighs Route 31 pedestrian crosswalk safety” as well as the June 19 Batavia Patch article titled “City Looks At Ditching Pedestrian Crosswalk Signals Along Route 31.”

An excerpt from the Kane County Chronicle article:

The rapid-flashing, yellow-light, pedestrian-activated beacons were installed nearly two years ago across the four-lane Batavia Avenue (Route 31) at McKee, Union and Morton streets.

The McKee street crossing is of greatest concern. There have been at least three minor accidents and several near-misses reported.

“The installation of flashing beacons at this crossing does not appear to have improved driver awareness or the overall safety of the crossing,” Public Works Director Gary Holm said. “There is a false sense of security that those lights are giving pedestrians.”

The article also discusses that some people believe the crosswalks with the beacons are a safety benefit, while others believe that they are not beneficial and should be removed.

Additional details regarding this pedestrian safety issue can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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