Seat Belt Usage In Illinois

Seat Belt Usage And Statistics

Yesterday (May 9, 2014) IDOT issued a press release titled “Illinois Law Enforcement Out in Force to Remind Motorists to ‘Click It or Ticket.’”  This release discusses a variety of issues with regard to seat belt usage trends and associated fatal vehicle accident trends in Illinois.

An excerpt includes:

“Even with 9 out of 10 front-seat motorists buckling up in Illinois during the day, far too many people are still dying because they didn’t wear a seat belt, especially late at night,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider. “IDOT, the Illinois State Police and hundreds of dedicated local police and sheriff’s departments are saying today that needs to change.”

The primary goal of “Click it or Ticket” is to get more people to buckle up during nighttime hours especially when other factors such as drunk driving play a large role in crashes.

Provisional data shows 1,339 passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes were not wearing seat belts on Illinois roads from 2009 through 2013. Of those unbuckled fatalities occurring during these years, 650, or 49%, were killed during the 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. timeframe.

The news release also discusses various issues including the seat belt law in Illinois, and cites various statistics regarding seat belt use and Illinois traffic fatalities.

For Additional Information Concerning Illinois Seat Belt Usage

A website for the “Click It or Ticket” campaign in Illinois is found at


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