Physical Trauma And Injuries Resulting From Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are often (very) physically traumatic to those who have been hit by vehicles.  There are many reasons for this, including the forces and distortions put on the pedestrian’s body.

A recent accident describes such physical trauma that happened during a December 30, 2016 pedestrian accident in the Gold Coast neighborhood.  Those details are discussed in the January 2, 2017 article (with video) titled “Woman injured in Gold Coast hit-and-run, driver sought.”  An excerpt quoting Sara Paulson, the 34-year-old woman who was struck and injured during the accident:

“I just heard a peel out and I looked up and the car was just coming at me,” she recalled. “I hit the bumper and then I rolled up on the hood and then I bounced off the windshield and I was airborne and flew down onto the pavement.”

Pedestrian accidents and the resulting injuries are further discussed on the “Kane County, Illinois Pedestrian Accidents And Injuries” page.  One of the aspects discussed is what can happen to a pedestrian which has been hit in a frontal vehicle collision.

Also discussed on that page is the broad range of accident injuries that can occur when a person is hit by a vehicle.  Such injuries can be serious in nature, and in many cases can be fatal.

Additional details, as well as what steps to immediately take if one is hit by a vehicle while walking, are also discussed on that page.


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