Kane County Motorcycle Accidents And Safety Precautions

Kane County Motorcycle Accidents

Kane County motorcycle accidents as well as motorcycle crashes throughout Illinois are discussed in the May 1, 2019 Kane County Connects post titled “119 Fatal Motorcycle Crashes Last Year In Illinois.” Notable excerpts from the post, which in addition to bike crashes also provides safety tips, include:

In 2018, 119 people died in Illinois motorcycle crashes.

In Kane County, we saw seven motorcycle at least fatalities in a matter of a few weeks in 2016 — and we know, with the weather about to change for the better, that there’s a strong likelihood we’ll see more deaths here soon.


All riders are urged to take precautions to increase their visibility. Recommendations include wearing appropriate protective gear, performing regular maintenance checks and enrolling in IDOT’s free motorcycle safety courses to learn or brush up on riding skills.

On this site, many Kane County motorcycle accidents that have resulted in injuries and deaths have been summarized in posts found under the “Motorcycle Accidents” category. As seen in those posts, while these crashes and collisions have occurred for many different reasons, typically the motorcyclist (and, if applicable, passenger) sustain serious accident injuries. Some of these injuries prove to be life-threatening in nature, and in some cases have led to fatalities.

If the crash injuries are non-fatal in nature, there can be substantial medical bills and other financial hardships, including temporary or permanent lost income, that can occur due to the injuries. In instances where the accident is the fault of another person, injured motorcyclists often will seek to file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for the injuries and consequences arising from them, such as temporary or permanent impairments and/or disabilities.

In cases where the motorcyclist is killed in the accident, and the accident is the fault of another person or party, relevant parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Additional details regarding Kane County motorcycle accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above. Additional discussion of how to avoid motorcycle accidents can be seen on the “Ways To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents And Injuries” page.


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