Kane County Holiday Traffic Enforcement Efforts

Traffic Safety Enforcement Efforts In Kane County

Drinking and driving in Kane County over the holiday season is of concern, especially given the increasing prominence of “Black Wednesday,” the night before Thanksgiving.  This night has become one of the most popular drinking nights of the year.

Recently there have been announcements from Illinois authorities regarding increased traffic enforcement efforts over the Thanksgiving and 2014 holiday season.

As seen in the November 25, 2014 IDOT press release titled “IDOT, Illinois State Police, Local Law Enforcement Push to Keep Fatalities on Decline for 2014” (pdf):

“As a result of a drunk driver or someone choosing not to buckle up, families all over Illinois will not share the holidays with a loved one this year. We want to help prevent that from happening to another family,” said Acting Illinois Transportation Secretary Erica Borggren. “With strong enforcement efforts throughout the year and the upcoming holiday season, we hope to keep fatalities on the decline and save more lives in Illinois.”


During the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday (6 p.m. Wednesday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday), seven people were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in Illinois. Of the seven fatalities, three involved a drinking driver. Over the last five years in Illinois (2009-2013), 63 fatalities occurred in Illinois during the Thanksgiving holiday, 34 of which (54 percent) involved a drinking driver.

Illinois State Police are also reminding the motoring public that officers will focus on impaired, speeding, unrestrained and fatigued drivers and will enforce the traffic laws to ensure roads and motorists throughout Illinois are safe.

Various agencies in Kane County have also announced increased traffic safety enforcement efforts.  The November 26, 2014 Chicago Tribune TribLocal Tri-Cities article titled “Suburban police prepare for ‘Black Wednesday’ drinking crowds, traffic” discusses enforcement initiatives in Geneva, St. Charles, and Batavia.

An excerpt from this article:

The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office will be working with city police departments to conduct their annual No-Refusal anti-DUI initiative, which begins Wednesday and goes into early Thanksgiving morning. The initiative makes prosecutors and a judge available to give out search warrants in order to get a DUI suspect to submit to a blood or breath test.

For Additional Information Concerning These Kane County Traffic Safety Issues

Additional details can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the IDOT press release mentioned above as well as the TribLocal article.


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