“Head-On Collisions” In Kane County And Their Causes

“Head-On Collision” Accidents

There have been many Kane County accidents summarized on this site.  These accidents include car accidents as well as other type of vehicle accidents, such as those involving trucks, buses, pickup trucks, SUVs, bicycles and pedestrians.  As seen in these summaries, these crashes have led to a variety of accident injuries that have varied in both type and severity.

“Head-On Collisions” are among the crashes that often lead to serious accident injuries that are can be life-threatening if not fatal in nature.

Reasons For Kane County “Head-On Collisions”

Typically, “head-on collisions” happen for one of two reasons.  The first reason is that one vehicle “crosses the center line” of a street or highway and drives into oncoming traffic.  The second reason is if there is a “wrong-way driver” – i.e. a driver who is driving a vehicle in the wrong direction on a road, highway or expressway.  In this “wrong-way driving,” any oncoming traffic is vulnerable to colliding with the “wrong-way driver.”  These accidents are often deadly as they are usually unexpected.

Regardless of the reason for a “head-on collision,” due to many factors such accidents usually are highly physically traumatic to drivers and other vehicle occupants involved in the collision.  This high level of physical trauma – as well as the unnatural forces forced upon those involved – typically lead to a broad range of serious injuries.  Many such injuries lead to immediate or delayed fatalities.

Reasons For A Vehicle Crossing The Center Line

Drivers can “cross the center line” for various reasons.  Among these reasons include:

Distracted Driving

“Distracted Driving” can be caused by many different factors.  While the range is broad, the most common distractions are caused by texting.  Distracted driving is further discussed on the “Distracted Driving Accidents And Their Frequency And Causes” page.  As mentioned on that page, various statistics indicate that distracted driving is a frequent occurrence.  Due to the distances that a car travels – especially at highway speeds – any significant interval of driver inattention has the potential to cause a serious accident.

Loss Of Vehicle Control

There are many reasons why the driver may lose control of the vehicle.  While some of these reasons are outside of the driver’s control – such as a unexpected and unavoidable road hazard – other reasons are either fully or partially within the driver’s control.

Among common reasons for loss of vehicle control is if the driver is driving very fast.  There have been many Kane County accidents, as well as those throughout the Chicago area, in which serious accidents have occurred due to reckless driving.

Another reason for loss of vehicle control is if a mechanical failure occurs.  There are many types of mechanical failures that can cause instability of the vehicle, that can lead a driver to lose control of the vehicle.  A “tire blowout” is one type of failure that can lead to a substantial amount of instability which can lead to a loss of vehicle control.

In Kane County another common reason for loss of vehicle control is snow or ice on the roadway.  Of particular concern is if there is “black ice” present, which typically is (very) hard to see and has led to many serious loss of control accidents in Illinois.

Driver Impairment

Driver impairment can be caused by a number of factors.  In the past, the most common type of serious driver impairment was “drunk driving.”  However, in recent years driving after (or during) drug use (i.e. “drugged driving”) has become increasingly common.  Various aspects of “drugged driving” – increasing statistics regarding its frequency – is further discussed on the “Accidents Involving Drivers Who Are Impaired By Drug Use” page.  Various Chicago area accidents – some which have led to fatalities – involving drivers who are driving while “high” on drugs are highlighted.

One type of accident that has been attributed to driver impairment is that involving “wrong-way drivers.”  These drivers, who are typically drunk driving or otherwise impaired, have caused many serious accidents in the Chicago area.  Driving in the wrong direction typically leads to serious accidents.

Kane County “Head-On” Crashes

“Head-On” accidents that have occurred in Kane County, and have been summarized on this site, include:

Types Of Injuries Resulting From”Head-On Collisions”

As mentioned above, there are many types of injuries that can result from”head-on collisions.”  As well, the severity of the injuries can vary.  Given the higher speeds at which these crashes typically occur –  as well as the associated strong and unnatural forces that vehicle occupants are subject to – injuries are often serious, and in many cases life-threatening if not fatal.  The severity of the injuries can be especially high if the driver or passengers in the vehicle are not wearing seat belts at the time of the collision.  Those who are not wearing seat belts are at far higher risk of being ejected (i.e. being partially or fully thrown) from the vehicle.  Seat belts and their safety benefits are further discussed on the “Seat Belt Usage Safety Benefits Seen In Statistics And Kane County Crashes” page.

One of the injuries that can result from a “head-on collision” is a traumatic brain injury.  These injuries are notable in many ways.  They can be life-threatening, especially if the head trauma is serious and not promptly and properly treated.  For those serious brain injuries that are not fatal, treatment and rehabilitation can take a considerable amount of time and effort.  As well, serious brain injuries can lead to permanent injuries and various types of impairments.

What To Do If Involved In An Accident

There are a number of steps that should be taken as soon as possible if an accident occurs.  In a general sense, these steps involve actions to protect your health as well as your legal rights, including the ability to collect injury compensation if the accident was not your fault.

With regard to medical issues, it is recommended that those who have been hurt during an accident get a prompt and thorough medical examination.  While there are many medical and legal reasons for this recommendation, one reason is that such an exam can indicate if there are injuries which may not yet be apparent.  If these injuries are not treated, they may cause further health problems, and in some cases may lead to a life-threatening condition.  Among the serious injuries that a person may not be aware of after an accident are traumatic brain injuries as well as internal bleeding.

Another recommended step is to talk with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  This lawyer can provide additional advice as to how to proceed from a legal perspective.

The Filing Of An Accident Injury Lawsuit

Many people who have been injured in an accident which is not their fault file a personal injury lawsuit in order to get compensation for the injuries and other harm that has occurred due to the accident.  In instances where someone has died in such an accident, the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.  While there are many reasons as to why a lawsuit may be filed, many people seek such compensation as medical costs can be (highly) substantial, even for those who have health insurance.  As well, there other monetary issues such as wages lost due to the injuries.

Types Of Injury Compensation

While levels and types of potential accident injury compensation vary according to many factors, including specific characteristics of the accident and the resulting medical situation, general types of compensation include:

  • Medical costs (including past, current, and future costs)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other economic damages

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