Intersections Prone To Accidents Including Route 31 and Fabyan Parkway

Kane County Intersections Prone To Accidents

Intersections prone to accidents continue to be a traffic safety issue. There are many reasons why intersections can be considered “dangerous.” Among these reasons are complicated and/or confusing roadway designs; too much traffic for a given intersection; a lack of traffic control devices; and too little traffic safety enforcement measures. As well, a primary factor for accidents with injuries are if vehicles are traveling at excessive speed. Vehicles traveling at excessive speed increases the risk of accidents and serious injuries for many reasons, and can be especially problematical if intersections are prone to accidents.

Throughout the Chicago area there are many intersections which are considered due to various reasons to be “dangerous intersections” or intersections prone to accidents.  A broad range of accident types can occur at such intersections, including “T-bone crashes”, “rear-end collisions,” pedestrian crashes, bicycle accidents, and rollover accidents.  Often, a history of frequent accidents will lead to changes in the design of the intersection to reduce the possibility of subsequent accidents.

The CBS Chicago segment (video and article) of February 11, 2019, titled “Batavia’s Intersection’s Unique Design Poses Traffic Dangers” discusses the intersection of
Route 31 and Fabyan Parkway, and the accidents that occur there. A rollover accident involving the Thoman family is featured.

An excerpt from the article concerning the intersection:

But some intersections are more dangerous than others–like the Batavia intersection where the Thoman family crashed four years ago.

CBS 2 examined traffic records at the intersection and found more than 100 crashes during the past five years. Last year, there were 25 accidents. About half of them occurred when a driver was making a left turn.

Additional Details Regarding Intersections Prone To Accidents

Additional details regarding these issue regarding intersections prone to accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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