Illinois Seat Belt Usage Campaign

Seat Belt Usage Campaign For Kane County And Illinois

On May 20, 2014, the Illinois Department Of Transportation (IDOT) issued a news release regarding the “Click It or Ticket” campaign.  The news release is titled “IDOT, ISP, Local Law Enforcement Encourage All Motorists To ‘Click It or Ticket” to Help Avoid Fatal Vehicle Crashes.”

A couple of notable excerpts from this news release include:

With the arrival of Memorial Day and the start of the summer travel season, at several events throughout the state, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) today highlighted data showing the ages of individuals who have died unbelted in motor vehicle crashes in recent years. This data was stressed as a reminder to people of all ages as the Illinois State Police and over 500 local law enforcement agencies step up seat belt enforcement efforts heading into Memorial Day weekend as part of the “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

Starting today, and running through the holiday weekend, motorists will see hundreds of additional seat belt enforcement zones and other enforcement patrols looking for seat belt law violators and drunk drivers. This increased enforcement effort is part of the 2014 National Memorial Day Crackdown that started on May 9 in Illinois, and is intended to save lives by increasing seat belt use in Illinois and throughout the country.


“Illinois State Police and law enforcement statewide will partner to enforce traffic laws so that the roads and motorists are safe. The highways will be busy and motorists and passengers are vulnerable when traffic laws are not followed,” said ISP Director Hiram Grau. “Police statewide will partner to enforce all traffic laws, but especially want the motoring public to remember to buckle up – that includes drivers and all passengers safely restrained inside the vehicle.”

This news release also discusses a variety of statistics regarding seat belt usage in Illinois, as well as the number of fatalities that have occurred over a multi-year period in accidents in which vehicle occupants did not use seat belts.

Additional Information Concerning This Kane County Driver Safety Issue

The IDOT news release mentioned above provides additional details and statistics with regard to seat belt usage and the Illinois “Click It or Ticket” campaign.


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