Chicago Expressway Accident Lawsuit Settled For $350,000

A Chicago area expressway accident lawsuit was settled in October 2019 by the Elman Joseph Law Group for $350,000. Like many expressway accidents, the underlying accident involved a woman’s vehicle that was “rear-ended.” As seen in many Kane County accidents that have been summarized on this site, this accident resulted in injuries.

Frederick Joseph III, a partner and winning personal injury trial lawyer at the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC, settled this expressway accident lawsuit for $350,000.

The $350,000 settlement was achieved by the Elman Joseph Law Group after the final settlement offer by the ambulance company was only $6,000.

The rear-end collision happened when the plaintiff, Michalia Agins, 22 years old, was driving back home to Chicago after visiting her parents. When traffic slowed down on the expressway (eastbound I-90), Ms. Agins was “rear-ended” by an ambulance. The ambulance was transporting a medical patient from one hospital to another. The ambulance had no lights or sirens activated at the time of the accident.

Ms. Agins started feeling pain immediately in her neck, back, and her shoulder (the same shoulder she previously had surgery on to repair a sports injury). Thankfully, she was able to drive her vehicle home from the scene but as the pain got worse, Michalia sought medical treatment. She underwent months of physical therapy; however, doctors advised Michalia that she was going to need surgery on her shoulder to repair a torn tendon from the collision. The recovery process was long and painful, and Michalia was forced to quit her job as a hair stylist.

Illinois has very strict legal protections for ambulance companies, both public and private. The laws in Illinois can make it very difficult to get a substantial recovery against an ambulance company. Superior Ambulance initially refused to offer anything to settle the case. Before the case was transferred to The Elman Joseph Law Group, the final offer to settle was only $6,000.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC immediately filed suit and began the discovery process. A dashcam video inside the ambulance showed that the driver (who was on a 24 hour shift) was falling asleep at the wheel. Before the impact, his eyes were shut for at least three seconds on the highway. As the investigation continued, Anthony R. Elman and Frederick Joseph put together a strong case for Ms. Agins and prepared for trial. Before trial, Frederick Joseph negotiated a settlement with the defendants in the amount of $350,000.

This Chicago area expressway accident lawsuit settlement is another example of the experienced trial attorneys at the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC bringing a challenging case to a successful conclusion. The trial lawyers at the firm have many high settlements and jury trial awards over the course of the last 25+ years. This success has been achieved across a wide range of Illinois personal injury and wrongful death cases. Some of these notable settlements and jury trial awards are further discussed on the “Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuit Results And Litigation Capabilities” page.