Dangerous Intersections Where Accidents And Injuries Occur

What Are Dangerous Intersections?

While there is no set definition of what dangerous intersections are, generally speaking they are junctions at which many accidents occur. These accidents are often notable in that they often lead to vehicle occupants being injured. Many of these injuries are of a serious nature; some of the injuries are life-threatening in nature.

While dangerous intersections are often well-known, it can take many years – if ever – for changes to be made to make the junctions safer. Often, these changes are made during intersection improvements or complete redesigns.

Factors That Make Intersections Prone To Accidents

Among the characteristics that contribute to potential traffic safety problems include:

Too Much Traffic Flowing Through The Intersection

Intersections are designed to handle a certain amount of traffic. If the traffic is considerably greater than the intersection was designed to handle, congestion and delays can occur. Traffic flow can be substantially impaired.

In these conditions, some drivers may take illegal actions to get through the intersection faster. Among these actions are running red lights; speeding; and failure to yield while turning. These aggressive actions, as well as others, often jeopardize traffic safety. There have been many intersection accidents that occur during these infractions.

Too Much Complexity

Dangerous intersections often have more than two roads involved at the junction. If there are more than two roads which meet, the level of complexity and confusion can increase substantially, especially for drivers unfamiliar with the situation.

Among the reasons such junctions create confusion and uncertainty is that traffic flow can be hard to see; traffic flow can be hard to predict; and the intersection can be expansive. For various reasons certain groups of road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists can be especially vulnerable to being involved in an accident.

Speed Limits Too High

If the speed limit at the intersection is set too high – or if there are many drivers who speed through the intersection – traffic safety can be negatively impacted. If drivers are traveling too fast they may have an inability to stop in time due to reduced reaction time. One of the common types of crashes at an intersection is when one driver rear-ends the vehicle ahead. While this type of collision can happen for various reasons, driving at excessive speeds can be a contributing factor when one vehicle rear-ends another vehicle.

Lack Of Dedicated Turn Lanes

Various deficiencies in intersection design can contribute to accidents. Dedicated turn lanes often reduce the potential for accidents. These turn lanes are valuable in many respects, as they not only improve traffic flow but also increase safety.

There are various reasons as to why an intersection may lack dedicated turn lanes. One reason is that the intersection may have been designed at a time in which greater volumes of traffic was not anticipated.

Kane County Intersection Accidents

Many intersection accidents in Kane County have been summarized on this site. As seen in these crashes, many types of injuries have resulted. These injuries range in both type and severity. Some injuries have resulted in fatalities.

These crashes include:

  • St. Charles Township fatal collision at Route 25 and Gilbert Street
  • On Route 47 near Regency Square Parkway in Huntley
  • Intersection crashes along Eola Road in Aurora
  • On Route 31 and Fabyan Parkway (further discussed in the “Intersections Prone To Accidents…” post)
  • At Farnsworth Avenue at Marshall Boulevard in Aurora
  • On Summit and Spring Streets in Elgin

The “Accidents At Intersections…” page discusses various reasons why such collisions occur – as well as what to do if injured in a vehicle accident.

What To Do If Injured In A Vehicle Accident

If someone is injured during a vehicle accident, there are various steps one should take as soon as possible. Generally speaking, these steps help to protect one’s health, as well as maximize the potential injury compensation one might receive if the accident was not their fault.

Vehicle accident injuries can range both in type and severity. It is important to get a thorough medical exam if injured during an accident. This medical exam serves various purposes. From a health perspective, a thorough exam seeks to identify all the injuries that have occurred. Certain injuries – even those serious or life-threatening in nature – will not necessarily be evident soon after the accident. The medical exam will help insure that all injuries are identified.

Once all the injuries have been identified, a course of medical treatment can be administered. The types and characteristics of the injuries will determine the type of medical care required. Among this medical care can be medications; hospitalization; one or more surgeries; tests; and rehabilitation.

This medical care, as well as potential future needs, can be costly, if not very much so. Given the medical bills and other potential hardships caused by the accident, most people choose to get injury compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

This personal injury lawsuit can seek to get various types of compensation. In addition to compensation for past, current, and future medical bills, there can also be compensation for various other issues. For example, there can be lost wages if the injured person is unable to work while recovering from the injuries. Also, there can be compensation for other reasons such as pain & suffering, loss of function, and loss of consortium.

In instances where someone has died from their injuries, relevant parties can bring a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the decedent (i.e. person who died.)

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