Aurora Intersection Scrutinized Following Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Safety Questions Arise Following Fatal Kane County Pedestrian Accident

On March 11, 2016, there was a pedestrian accident in Aurora which led to the death of George Edwards.  That fatal accident was summarized in the post of March 12 titled “Man Dies Following Aurora Pedestrian Accident.”  It should be noted that at the time of the accident, the George Edwards was attempting to cross the street in the crosswalk.

The Aurora Beacon-News has published an article on April 30 (“Fatal accident puts spotlight on Aurora intersection“) concerning the scene of that accident, Farnsworth Avenue at Marshall Boulevard.  As explained in the article, and seen in a picture of the Farnsworth Avenue at Marshall Boulevard intersection, although there is a crosswalk across Farnsworth, there is no traffic control device there, such as a stop sign or stop light.

Three excerpts from the Aurora Beacon-News article:

Over the past five years, three people crossing the intersection have been hit by cars or trucks. One of those people lived, albeit with serious head trauma, while the other two died, according to records obtained by The Beacon-News.


The city has decided to trigger a traffic study of the intersection, according to information provided by police and city spokesman Dan Ferrelli.


The study will center on the intersection of Farnsworth and Marshall, Ferrelli said in an email.

“The collection of traffic volumes and crash data, along (with) examining past traffic-related information, will help to identify if a traffic signal is warranted at the intersection that could reduce the number of crashes and/or improve safety,” Ferrelli said.

The article also gives a summary of the three aforementioned pedestrian accidents, as well as other accidents that have occurred.

Additional Details Concerning This Kane County Traffic Safety Issue

Additional details regarding this traffic safety issue can be seen in the Aurora Beacon-News article mentioned above.


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