Kane County Street Racing Accidents

Street racing happens in Chicago and the larger metropolitan area – including in Kane County.  Street Racing (which can include drag racing) is especially dangerous due to many factors, including the frequent (very) high speeds and “unsanctioned” nature of these illegal street races.  They have led to a number of serious accidents, some fatal.  Some of these crashes have involved street racers ignoring traffic controls such as stop lights and stop signs.

One of the problems involving street racing is that it often happens on public roads that aren’t necessarily suitable for high-speed racing.  Drivers and other vehicle occupants not involved in the racing activities can be unfortunate victims.

A recent street racing accident in Aurora has led to the death of a driver not involved in the racing activities.  The accident, which happened on Friday night (December 4, 2015) happened at approximately 10:15 p.m.   At that time, a vehicle with a man and his 15-year-old daughter were traveling in a Toyota Highlander driving eastbound on  Shenandoah Drive.  They had stopped at the stop sign at Shenandoah and Eola Road.

As the man attempted to turn northbound onto Eola, his SUV was hit by a Dodge Charger that was reportedly speeding southbound on Eola.  The Dodge Charger was driven by a 16-year-old boy from Aurora, and he was reported to have been racing a 2007 Grand Prix driven by a 20-year old man from Plainfield.

The driver of the Toyota Highlander, identified as Charles D. Siebel Jr., 49, and his daughter had to be extricated from the SUV.  Siebel was taken to Rush Copley Medical Center, where he died at 3:00 a.m. Monday (December 7, 2015).  His daughter is being treated for accident injuries that were considered to be serious, but not life-threatening, in nature.

At least one of the drivers of the two vehicles that were drag racing (the driver of the Charger) was treated for minor injuries.  The 20-year-old driver refused medical treatment.

According to various media sources, including the December 7, 2015 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Man killed, teen daughter when SUV struck by drag-racing car in Aurora” as well as the December 7 Batavia Patch article titled “Man Dies After Vehicle Struck by Drag Racer:  Police,”  charges are pending against both of the drivers who were said to be street racing.

Elman Joseph Law Group has discussed several other high-speed accidents – some fatal – in various posts.  In the following posts, street racing has been cited in accidents in Lake County and Cook County:

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By its nature, street racing often leads to “bad accidents” and accompanying serious injuries.  Some, like the Aurora accident discussed above, lead to immediate or subsequent deaths.

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